My name's Jon Gracey. Here’s my fancy headshot.


I love games, because they bring people together. On top of that, the rules and structure of a good game allow us to express who we really are, often revealing unexpected parts of us, things sometimes even we didn’t know were in there.

That time your shy, introverted friend surprises you by being the best liar in the world? Those are the kinds of stories games encourage, and that’s what I love.

I write about games and have designed loads of live, immersive game things like escape rooms, game festivals, a megagame and I run the best live experience of Werewolf you'll ever play.

I’ve worked with companies like Google, Memrise and Kimberley Clarke, running corporate team building events from London to Perth.

I've also written dumb songs with Jay Foreman, as well as a YouTube series about politics called Politics Unboringed that has had over 5.5 million views.

I also host a podcast about vomit stories, know what, it's called The Vomitorium and you can find it here.

I make bespoke games for weddings, birthdays, stag dos. Anything personal and interesting that you want injected with the magic of games, get in touch.


Hit me on the buzz at jongraceygamingatgmaildotcom